2 Hours of Dreams - Part 1 - Standard Edition

2 Hours New Chapter (first part)!

86 HD Images 1920x1080  - 45 MB

What would a guy dream, after experiencing two girls growing into the giantess version of themself? How would his ego be affected? How would he try to compensate for reality changes? How will his brain try to fix his traumas? 

In this issue, following real dream mechanics, our guy will dream to be the alpha male with exaggerated masculinity while all girls will desire to be with him. Will he be able to control the dream or is it going to turn into a nightmare where the girls will take control over it…?

In this chapter of the series the story might seem to lose logic in favor of dream mental processes where things could change in the blink of an eye: his pulsions, desires, fears will be mixed together and his emotions will drive us through.

Themes: growing girls, breast expansion and a shrinking man (back - maybe - to average height), height transfer. Whatever he loses will go into girls that will become taller and more feminine. You can notice details like clothes getting shorter during growth, soft breasts and “animated” growth sequences.

This is the first part of a two parts episode of this series. There are 86 pictures for the Regular edition and several additional goodies with the Premium Edition including an alternative story version with undressed girls and 2 extra sexy images!

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